Urban Climate

World-wide Apopulao changed its predominant characteristic of agricultural urban parapredominante in the end of century XX, in which the majority of the people passoua to present in bigger concentration in the cities. NoBrasil, the coming for the city happened in middle of the decade of 60. The processobrasileiro of urbanization generated cities with expressive degradation of condiesde life and the urban environment. Apartir of the decade of 70, that the studies of the urban climate had passed the serintensificados ones in Brazil, therefore the concern with the alterations introduzidaspelo process of urbanization in the quality of the air of the cities consisted in principalalerta it to awake the interest for elaboration of these studies. Hunter, 1984, apud Mendona, 2003, say that a considerable number of cities of portepequeno, great medium and in Brazil was white of inquiry of its atmosfricosurbanos environments from the decade of 60. Osestudos of the basea urban climate in fields as: The thermodynamic and the campohidrometerico. Initial Nafase of research on urban climates in Brazil until the current days seobserva a great advance, the majority of them in the region located in the Center-South, therefore is in this portion of the Brazilian territory that also if locates the maiordensidade of urbanization and the biggest urban areas, also is nelasque inhabits most of the populaobrasileira.

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