Renato Urban Beauty

I feel lack Lack of what NEVER I had, or I knew. They had been themselves, if they had been They had taken a little be of good thing that still it remained in the together world Forever. They had taken its (beautiful) voices, its genius, nobility and peace. They had led. Why they had been? They could not be a little more? Why they could not? The skies were devoid of such nobility and beauty had called that them. They capsize that &#039 did not compensate more; ' lutar' ' for something lost: the society and its lack of dignity. Descanaram of its cansaos and fears, because where if they find the Sun still is born beautiful air still is pure. You may wish to learn more. If so, Estee Lauder is the place to go. The birds sing and still it is possible to believe the pureness of the smile of the child. Possible to believe in a feeling that seems not to exist more, of which much is said and little it is known: THE TRUE LOVE. They rest in peace, my angels! (text made in homage the Kurt Cobain-Nirvana and the Renato Urban Russian-Legion)

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