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In any case, here are recommendations for their correction. Training with friends Explanation: If you learn something while in a group of more than three people, often, this process is accompanied by jokes and jokes different, and so forth Because of this, can significantly degrade the quality of teaching (as you will be run off of) How to fix: Find yourself only one friend who will also focus on gaining knowledge (if you prefer group learning). Otherwise – say 'no' when someone offers you to learn together. A lot of music explanation: The Sound and music can affect the brain's ability to perceive new information. They can also distract you from the material you are studying. Exclusion from this rule – a situation where what you learn is the words of the song you're listening to.

How to fix: If you enjoy listening to music while learning to find a certain type of music without words (usually – the classics) that you liked least, and not change it. If the pieces of music that you listen, there are no words, in which case it will be easier to focus on the words you read. Lack of comfort Explanation: If you have an uncomfortable chair, table, chair, hot or cold to you, and so forth – then you can not normally learn what you want. How to fix: Try other places, until, until you find the most convenient for himself. This may be a library, your room, back yard (if you live in a private home), etc. Find something that suits you and stay there until you learn what is collected.

Jobs in bed Explanation: Although it is quite convenient, you may want to sleep instead of learning something. How to fix: Sit at the table instead of a bed. Do not teach anything in bed late at night, because you want to sleep. Performing multiple actions simultaneously Explanation: Many are able to make multiple cases. This can be effective when it comes to such chores. However, when it comes to learning, you can not absorb so much material as if it were concentrated on one problem. How to fix: When you need to learn something important, for some time, stop doing something else. Education in the transport Explanation: Many read in trams, taxis, buses, when directed to work or school. In such circumstances it is best to repeat something, but not extensively taught. How to fix: Use the time it spend in transportation to repeat, remind, reviewing, rehearsing, etc. d. Do not use this time to obtain new information.

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