That’s come to this realization that all of humanity, which numbers six billion, is one family and we all breathe dirty air. It’s already clear to everyone that at the top, we can not stop the flow of dirty air and can not stop water pollution as it flows underground. If somewhere contaminate the water in China, she will come to Europe through underground waterways. This here is the universality, globalization should be all of us to show that we can not preserve the purity of nowhere without having to be understanding, not only with all its neighbors, but and with all countries, all continents. This is absolutely correct position. And humanists, philosophers, teachers who are engaged in education, the writers have come together, meet, at least this way, through Internet through any direct dialogue. These ideas raise for public discussion, and that they penetrated to the very early age that this would build a career in the future: Do not cheat someone, do not participate in corruption scheme, but to try to do good.

Because those whom you deceived, then you also and will be punished. To a person felt their dependence on the negative actions that then you will also be bad – you’re going into hiding, You will find, and most importantly – you can not honestly never look people in the eye. So, in this sense, I also agree with you. M. Laitman: Tell us what you think it’s merely the humanities, rather than force, political and economic structures? They do not feel today that they live in a totally interconnected, a single, integral world? That opportunity was gone some power or economic means to influence each other..

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