Emotions In Family

And the need to form the image of a man who would have combined the emotional and relationship to the world, and take responsibility for their children's future. There is a joke. The guy says the girl: "Let's get married" and she replied: "How shall we live, and I'm so on the shoulders of the parents sit" on that guy says: "Do not worry, you podvineshsya." That is, the guy is no social responsibility. Here is a great role in forming a social role and social role of father, husband. We must teach the young man be a man and therefore to perform certain social roles: to take care of the woman to his family.

So who should bring the man? Men should bring up a family. Should educate women – because the king has entourage and a man becomes a man only in relationship with a woman, and his dignity as a man by how he treats women. A man should be able to take responsibility: for his family, for my wife, my children. He should understand that is a model for his son that his life – life is a model for his son. Of course, there are times when a son or daughter reject family experience – "I'm so not going." But even in this case, this pattern is already lodged in a child, and nowhere on it does not get to. So people must be prepared for family life with young age. Once in the schools taught "Ethics and psychology of family relations." It was the only psychological subject in the curriculum, which simply had no one to teach.

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