In recent years it has been taking a long rise technique of flavoring merchandising outlets for customers by an unconscious act to experience the feeling of return or even to remain on the premises. Through studies conducted by experts in human behavior and environment select the fragrance that the board has this effect in a target population. Using the air conditioning ducts of the store is spread throughout its territory and even the vicinity. Even specific smells are used by departments and sections. These odors in most cases are not consciously perceived by our sense of smell but a stimulus sent directly to the brain and the orders sought by the momentum merhandising specialist, who in most cases accompanied aromas, with music of the exhibition platform. The results of trade and economic such employees have been extraordinary, this subliminal stimulus to customers has been massively visit their outlets.

In recent days traded in a virtual forum, a netizen with a specialist in this topic views. The stated that I found that your city has a retail giant that has used aromas mixed with highly additive chemicals to humans, so that buyers are attracted to stores by an addiction who do not know they possess. This opens a debate about this technique. It is important that people know how in an effort to gain control over a market, an employer may at certain times override fundamental principles of human beings. From my point of view should start deep conversations about these occurrences. While the technique of subliminal messages has been used for decades, they limit themselves to send a message to the unconscious to bring consumer action and had not touched the integrity of the physical or mental health consumers and in this specific case. I think it can become addicted to human beings under the guise of commercially dominate a market. As far as is lawful activity of this kind, which by the way or the authorities themselves are unaware of their existence by their characteristics.

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