Holistic education tends to enhance to the maximum all human capacities that owns the subject, academic happens to a background, most however does not mean that not be of importance to knowledge, what we want is that there is a balance in students in which their training with a high level of integrity, achieve human beings even-handed, to strengthen its virtues and spirituality. As far as can tell in holistic education learning is not a purely cognitive function, is a process social, physical, emotional, cognitive, aesthetic and spiritual, is a totally transformative Act (2001: 29 Gallegos) undoubtedly to educate in this way, the product it will be human beings very different to which they currently observe in our around, they will be subjects with a higher level of consciousnessresponsible and caring for the well-being of the environment, society, nature, planet be called. It is obvious that to achieve this it is necessary the participation and work that teachers do with the trainees, they will have to be beings simple and spiritual, humble in the sense that they perceive in a relationship of equality and fraternity with others (Gallegos 2007: 29) is essential to note that it is up to them make possible and operate all changes in education and training is concerned is therefore that before working with children is very important to work with teachersstrengthen and rescue that human part and love to do your job and to his students. The center of an integral education is the subject in this case the student, since the meaningful learning is a process built by subjects, therefore the basis of education is a sujeto-sujeto relationship, when you are constructing the learning in this way, becomes significant, deep, human, alive, relevant; as subjects are not just cognitive processes, we also are emotional, aesthetic, passionate, transcendent and spiritual beings. Learn more on the subject from Jorge Perez. (Gallegos: 2003,29) And to achieve that comprehensive education where develop your awareness that enable them to take care of and the world is achieved that is part, but above all, the important thing is that they ride to live a full life as a human being that lead it to spiritual peace and happiness.

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