STRATO Schoolwiki Solution

Virtual classroom for learning success of the Berlin hoster STRATO now offers “Schoolix the Schulwiki” from Twoonix on all Web hosting packages from the PowerWeb Basic. Only 5.90 euros * up to four classes a month can move into the virtual classroom. The wiki is a platform where students and teachers on a customised website can work together: students have the opportunity to independently to create yet a constant accompaniment is pages on the part of their teachers possible. STRATO provides domain, website and Web space. Twoonix has developed the software that has been extensively tested by a Berlin school in a pilot project. More information about the packages and prices see hosting/power-hosting. Because the wiki is a Web-based service, any user with Internet access via the browser on the platform can access, upload content to make or files.

So centrally in a wiki document collected materials to make learning the this at the same time can take over the function of textbook and reference work. In addition to the pure collection of content, students can also to discuss homework and collaborate on solutions. To make the content more appealing and more varied, allow just upload pictures, videos or audio files. Also, the integration of multiple choice tests and timetables is possible. The administrator can give teachers and students write and read permissions for the wiki. With versioning, teachers between different versions can jump to see what student has been involved in extent.

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