Now the school year, as before, will last until the end of May, and testing will be conducted in June. Testing will be held from 2 to 23 June 2010, and the results should be announced until 14 July 2010. ADMISSION AND ENROLLMENT Universities In The documents in Ukrainian universities will begin July 15 and ends July 31, 2010. Entrance exams and creative competitions will be held from 23 to 30 July 2010. Another important novelty – two-stage placement with a clear time-bound. August 16, 2010 schools will have to announce the first flow lists recommended for admission, which will include all who pass by rating and score points. Then within 5 days assigned enrollees to choose from, schools must update the lists daily, posting them to the admissions committee. Next, on the 6th day, if the budget places are exempt, the university conducts correction list, filling seats at the expense of those who are further down the ratings and excluding from it those who did not provide original documents.

Again, the definition is released exactly 5 days. Therefore, holders of "borderline" scores in this period should be particularly careful daily monitoring the competitive situation, so that their competitors did not pass with lower scores. If graduates have taken several universities, the right choice to be within 5 days. ADMISSION In college ABROAD Many applicants already August 16, 2010 has relieved sigh when she saw their names on the lists of students. And those who are not fortunate to experience the fate of next year. Or try to enroll in foreign universities in winter semester.

Some universities offer admission abroad several times a year, including January. Some parents, considering the cost of tutors, and pilot test, it is already starting to prepare your child for admission to higher education abroad. All the more so for non-resident important criterion is the cost of rental housing, which in Kiev can be higher than in many European cities. It is still possible to apply for admission to universities from European countries (Austria, Germany, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Canada and USA). For admission to universities in some countries should be proficient in English or German at a high level in other countries (Eg Czech Republic or Slovakia) knowledge of the language at an early stage is not required. You can study language courses, which are usually held at the university for several months before the training, but you'll feel confident, having started learning the language yet in Ukraine. In some countries (eg Czech Republic, and certain states of Germany) education in public schools for foreigners free of charge. In private schools, depending on the training specialty and the city where the school is located, will cost from 1,500 per year. As you can see, there are many options for training in foreign universities. for our compatriots. Must be determined now, as the reception documents in some foreign universities ends in February. But by the time of the opening campaign in Ukraine can not survive and the rest in the summer, waiting for the school year. To be sure of admission, be parallel to practice for external testing and apply to the Ukrainian university. Everyone chooses how he do. The choice is always there. Suitcase – immigration and education abroad

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