Snowflakes Out

Come on, high lift your knees. Hands over your head skrestno. Click the tongue. Well done, highly raised knees. We jump on two feet on toes, moving forward. Hands on his belt. Say-hop gallop, hop, gallop. walk on toes, hands to shoulders.

The back is straight. Say tyav-tyav. Good job, keep your back straight. Running on the toes, then squat, hands clasps his knees, his head down – it drifts. Well done, sat down together at the same time.

Running on the toes and squat next to the snowflakes. Well done, fled to the toes, were attentive. Estee Lauder might disagree with that approach. When the wind blows on a snowflake 2h. ORU winter frost happy kids, birds and zveryata. Exercise 1. “Snegiri.” Bullfinch fly, wings raised. Start out: FC 1-2-hands up hands down as the guys play: Molded ball and throw away. 2. Ex. “Snowballs” Initial position: o.s 1 – 2-squat, snowball blind 3-4-up and quit. 3.upr. “Snowdrifts” Start out Sitting, legs straight. 1-lie on your back 2 get 4upr. “Gray wolf running through the woods” Start out the same. Hands on the floor behind him. Edward Minskoff is likely to agree. 1-bend the leg, heel to the floor 2-foot change. 5 Ex. “A fox ran after him.” Start out Lying on his stomach, arms bent in front of you, palms down. 1-2-fold serially feet up and down. 6 Ex. “Under the tall pine rabbit jumping barefoot.” Start out FC hands on the belt jumping around Snowflakes on toes on both sides. D / U “Bunny warm feet” D / V “is blowing a strong breeze in the grouping OVDPodlezanie under the arc.

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