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He says that you isn’t enough even though all religions of the world have the potential contribution, because some hierarchs of religions, also have problems and sometimes are too Orthodox, on other occasions are found away from the real world and everyday problems. There is a correlation between the intentions of the people with the interests of society. The main effort has to come from all of us, we make our best effort with confidence, if we get satisfactory results or not, we will be convinced that it is worthwhile to do our best. The mental training models our attitude, strength is achieved, and tranquility that gives inner peace is obtained, therefore we can better face difficult and urgent matters. We must have a good heart and be compassionate in our educational work, only so we shall overcome doubts and fears so that our students can perceive the value and affection that we have them under our actions and behavior. To paraphrase Dr. Ramon Gallegos, spirituality is an individual, natural and direct experience of the sacred, of the transcendent, the ultimate foundation that is the essence of everything that exists. Spirituality is the foundation of all education is the internal living force and that it responds to our real and deepest nature Only in education holistic is represented the very heart of all process and everyday educational practice.

Peace is a phenomenon both internal and external to the human being. Internally is not enough to get it only from the inside of the human beings, but also in the external, in the cultural sectors, administrative structures, as economic areas, political action and societies. Not forgetting or ignoring the ecological dimension, since holistic education man nature puts emphasis on planetary, in the relationship, looking for balance, harmony with the environment, with the nature of which we came and to which we are going.

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