Slate Floors

make new out of old your floor is clean again shine slate floors were very often oiled in the past or treated with a layer of wax so that it shines nicely. This causes unsightly stains and there are which partially dissolve wax / oil layers also very unansehliche and blunt impurities in the course of time. The slate by the rough fracture surfaces, are mostly visually nice, but by the wells of course also quite susceptible to contamination. Also still nursing the middle classes come, caused by wax and polymer-containing cleaning agents. The fixed dirt and the existing coating”is quite difficult removable. Here, en needed now intensive general cleaning. R LOES Losefix; (throws stone Hedgehog, cleaning products, paints/coatings, felt-tip pen, tar, glazes, bitumen, adhesives; smell mild; VOC-frei com. If you would like to know more about Fabrizio Freda, then click here.

EU-RL1999/13EC) quite successfully proved. It must but be sure a drying time of at least 30 minutes kept up will dry without the cleaner to have some cleaner in case entered. Then the flooring with a pad (or, if not available a brush) hard work. If a single-disc floor cleaning machine is very useful on larger surfaces. Often you can rent cheap such machines at the hardware store.

The brushed-off area now with the R-GRU basic cleaner (pH neutral; for all kinds of stone, marble and limestone) and then wash with plenty of water without leaving any residue. After drying the floor with an impregnation can (it is very nice with: S-MF2 impregnation with hue depression – wet effect for all natural and artificial stones) treated and future pollution be can thus easily removed as no longer in the stone move this and get stuck. Her age”slate floor shines in new splendour as if he was newly yesterday moved the photos show a slate floor before and after the treatment. Information under: BOLLINGER, b str. 4; 82380 Peissenberg;

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