Security phones, as individual as a signature”, explains Markus Kramer. The optimum settings are found and completed the personalization, the customer can rely on a comprehensive service support. Includes in the service module of HP plus”, that PRIVeEO in the event of an emergency the investigation efforts for E.g. in the taxi are approved phone takes over and within a very short time nachsendet a loaner to almost anywhere in the world. “” Simply elegant design high-end meets safety the user presents itself the new service in the form of two highly advanced security series: ASPIS “and CASTELLUM”. A collection of modern smartphones is the basis for both series with your simple elegance and sophisticated functionality.

The combination with advanced, hardware-based ciphers of renowned German manufacturer, these phones may not have to are the safest on the market. Allowing the combination of elegance and high-tech in the ASPIS security series”the user vollumfanglichem protection from unauthorized access third party personal mobile data, as well as digital pests from the mobile Internet. The high-end security series CASTELLUM “allows also the reliable protection against man-in-the-middle attacks users as well as access to 360 degrees of safety, so that must not fear a wiretapping of calls or SMS phone spying. Technical communication can easily choose between GSM and VOIP in this series. Included the CASTELLUM “series is included among other things the service module of HP plus” as well as a device protection insurance. Calls, so easily is as yet a safe call with PRIVeEO as comfortable and easy as in the past. Would a user have a confidential conversation with another user, he selects the appropriate entry in the personal contacts and presses a special button.

As a result is automatically established a data connection, over which a secret key is exchanged in a highly secure encryption process. The conversation itself is implemented in a data stream is encrypted with a value that is obtained with a very strong algorithm. “A seamless connection to normal” telephones, for example to known that use still no security telephony is possible without any problems. But not encrypted. Markus Kramer

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