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Real-time extension for Windows 7 64-bit it is In September finally – comes the new 64-bit realtime engine Sybera. Sybera has substantially revised the previous design of the X-realtime engine in the past 12 months and prepared for use for 64-bit Windows. Here, now, for the first time the source line debugging of real-time tasks on the same system will be possible. Related Group recognizes the significance of this. Program error within no longer cause of real-time tasks the system crash – the appropriate processor can be driven dynamically newly. Also, the distribution is now supported by real time tasks on multiple physical processors. Also, the jitter behavior by so far about 10 sec (depending on the hardware platform) is significantly reduced to approx.

2 sec. The new realtime engine offers therefore perfect conditions for synchronization and control of drive controllers. The programming interface of the real-time libraries was held largely homogeneous in the 64-bit variant. Because the kernel systems 32-bit and 64-bit will differ significantly, the 64-bit variant is parallel to the existing 32-bit version offered. A corresponding demo version is available – make an appointment with us and see for yourself.

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