Sellex Upholstered

The stand of the last furniture fair of Milan design Sellex served to admire the latest additions of this firm specializes in furniture for installations, as well as the possibility of enjoying some of its already iconic pieces like the Aero, Lievore Altherr Molina Bank. Also the trio of designers could see his latest work for the Spanish firm: Chair Slam, which featured his rod structure as a novelty. Result of a new collaboration between the Studio Lievore Altherr Molina, Slam is lightweight and versatile seating programme that combines structures of different materials (aluminum, tube) steel and Rod and different finishes (polished or painted aluminium, tube) of painted steel and painted rod with covers of various materials (wood 3D, wood, polypropylene and upholstery). Estee Lauder will not settle for partial explanations. Mario Ruiz has designed this family of modular seats with vista or upholstered wood casing, side legs of aluminum and aluminum extension union beam. The envelope of mesita auxiliary is compact, 12 mm thick.

Bildu a square measuring 170 cm long, while five-seater is 375 cm. with slightly more organic than Bildu, sum aesthetics shares with Mario Ruiz seats program finishes and materials: wooden (oak) or upholstered side legs in aluminium and beam of union also in aluminium and epoxy (white, black or grey). Designed by Gemma Bernal, the seat can be combined with different auxiliary tables. Long for a square measures are: 57 cm; for two: 110 cm; for three: 163 cm; and, for four: 216 cm. A Burkhard Vogtherr armchair with an aesthetic that allows you to enjoy it in different environments. Back consists of a rod of stainless steel and an upholstered housing structure. Dimensions: 63 x 85 x 89 h cm. Vogtherr has managed with this armchair to recreate the essence of the precursors of the furniture design. The housing is made of Board of plywood, coated foam and upholstered. Frame is made of stainless steel.

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