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On March 7 at 12: 00 the Royal Guard relay will take place at the Royal Palace. We will see it from the floors of the Torre de Madrid luxury we don’t want it we lose! Will resume the show with music of drums, El Almirante, Spain Cani or Dona Francisquita, continue by guards. 400 military personnel and 100 horses, rifles, artillery pieces and cheek staged the relay with a duration of one hour approximately. An indisputable appointment where we can make a trip in time, remind the Court of Alfonso XII and XIII, uniforms and the protoco are from that era, and enjoy a more traditional mode of Madrid. e-Power-Of-Purpose.html’>Growth Strategy Expert. Contact information is here: Edward Minskoff. Also would like to you see over from the Royal Guard and the Royal Palace from a window in your home visit Sibariss website. The Royal Palace of Madrid has been a leader in the Sibariss blog in many occasions: photos, countryside, its Gardens today are going to make a review of its history. The origin of the Palace was extended the length during the Muslim Kingdom of Toledo in the 9th century, was built one defensive building which later became the old fortress.

In 1734 because of a burned down it was destroyed, the new palace was the same place wanted Felipe V. All construction became domed, stone and brick, wood-free, so that no fire could destroy it. The works were carried out between 1738 and 1755, establishing his residence in him in 1764 Carlos III. Despite being the official residence of his Majesty the King of Spain, it is only used for official events. Real estate offers on the Internet may give rise to many scams. The case of many actual listings of exclusive housing bargains is Mallorca in good condition, for rent or for sale at a very low price. In the majority of cases these houses are not really on offer and it may indeed be inhabited.

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