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As the new way of HDTVs, LED TVs produce higher-quality image available currently on the market. Any home theater enthusiast can benefit from this amazing technology. But there has been much confusion around the concept of LED TV. Even many marketing professionals and vendors who need to know better what is a LED TV are mistakenly explaining to potential customers. To make things clear, it is important to note that the (LED) light-emitting diode refers to the lighting system used in the liquid crystal display (LCD), not the chips that produce content image. LCD chips and pixels do not produce their own light.

So that an LCD TV can produce a visible image pixels in the LCD display must be illuminated. So the LED TVs are also LCD TVs. It’s just that these new use LED retro lighting instead of fluorescent backlights like those used in most LCD TVs. In other words, LED TVs should really have be labelled LCD / LED TV. To take an example of a LED TV, you can click on the. This is a model displayed by D2Dchina.com, a portal dedicated to the linking of Chinese manufacturers of electronic products and Western clients. This bright LED TV offers a more beautiful image than anything I have ever seen. Its incredible mega contrast provides Blacks more blacks and whites whiter, as well as an outstanding brightness and an expression of color largely enriched by what images seem more real.

What you get is the most complete, the most realistic colors I have ever seen. Their image quality with an impressive appearance from any and every angle in their high definition panel, which absorbs ambient light and virtually eliminates reflections for a more comfortable viewing environment. The status of the most advanced technology that helps TV hits almost all of motion blur, leaving her smooth and clear image and you drop your jaw. It is not harmful to the planet, or eyes. The TV is manufactured with materials friendly to the environment, which contains no volatile organic compounds. And through the use of LEDs without mercury that requires less energy, emits less CO2. So you can put your feet in height and relax knowing that you’re leaving a smaller carbon footprint. It is very efficient energy, consuming 20 to 30% less energy than the traditional LCD. So not only the movies will be better, but also their invoices. The TV is 3.75 cm thick. You won’t have problems finding a place for him in any room. It comes with a base, but can also be easily mounted the thin TV on a wall like a picture. One look is all you need to see that this is not only a television that is hanging, but a work of art. This LED TV of 42 is equipped with three HDMI ports to expand its digital connectivity of multi-media. Everything that you need is a cable to connect the TV to your audio and video sources, without compression, data loss or headache. There is also a USB port to play multiple media files directly from the drive USB flash or hard drive. Just connect the USB connection cable and then instantly you can play, save or delete. So now any time is time of the show. Take it home and let that entertains in all forms. Even when it is off, its slim and stylish and seamless design is pleasant to your eyes.

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