Gravity Physical Sense

Immediately apologize: generator expressions are not working, so the normal formula can be found at: GR gives mathematical sense of gravity and does not disclose the nature of the gravitational interaction is try to model the nature of such vzaimodeystviya.Iz GR is known that the radius of curvature of space – a is a function of time in an isotropic universe. The change of this radius leads to a change of all distances. In inhomogeneities in the universe – galaxies, stars, planets and so forth between the bodies have the power of communication. Scattering of all particles present, but of power relations return all the particles in place. We remember that there is always a superposition all interactions, so the power connections will not be considered, as long as we consider only scattering of particles associated with the change in the radius of curvature of the universe.

As an element of spatial distance dl proportional to a. It is clear that as a increases in this area of the body scatter. For this model are not interested in the shape and dimensions of the bodies, so consider them as material points at a greater distance than sizes. Consider only two material points, so we assume that they run away with constant velocity u.Teper remember the superposition of electric forces. That is, if we take two electrically neutral bodies, consisting of charged particles.

Then the electric force acting between particles of different bodies, but we can not see the interaction as a result of the interaction of the total force is zero. We assume, for simplicity of calculation that If the attraction of these particles the rate of their convergence – (-v), in the case of repulsion – (v). Velocity addition formula of the SRT will: w = (v + u) / (1 + vu / c ) is now in the formula for power (the expression of force through the momentum) we have an additional term: F = dP / dt, where P = P (w) – the dependence of momentum on the velocity w – we are interested only version of speed change in magnitude (see Landau and Lifshitz "Classical Theory of Fields" section: "Znergiya and momentum") Then, F = dP / dt = Adw / dt, where A = m / (1-w / c ) (2 / 3) (this is from the same source) Th, consisting (as we know) of the positive and negative particles.

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