Effective Leadership

As the famous saying puts it, a leader is made, not born. A great leader is not necessarily a person who occupies an important public position. All of us are leaders in greater or lesser degree, since we have a certain circle of influence. A mother meets certain leadership role when managing a home. A father plays an important role of leader, since it should be the head of the household. In the same way each person in your place of work or study, exerts some influence on the people who surround her. The question is are leading well or not? The education of leaders is not part of the traditional curriculum of the school.

Good leadership is usually learned at home, if he is lucky enough to grow up with a good model. And those are not so easy to find nowadays! How can we as parents prepare our children to become good leaders? First that nothing, define what is a good leader. Unlike what many people think, a good leader is not the image of a charismatic and self-confident if same person that the media projected. The true characteristics of a leader are seen behind the cameras. As it says in the Bible, a good leader is a good servant. You must have an attitude of service rather than auto exaltation. You must you have strength of character, be aware of their responsibility for the lives of others and be willing to take it. You must possess the ability to make decisions, commitment to their cause and the courage to maintain its stance in the face of adversity.

To foster these virtues in our children 3 key ingredients are required: 1. an education that respects the individuality of the child. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We have to give our children the time and opportunity to discover their strengths to develop them to achieve their full potential. 2. An education that fosters the love of learning. A good leader is an independent student throughout his life. It is necessary that we teach them to our children to grow every day in the formation of their knowledge, strength of character and ability analyze situations, solve problems and make decisions. 3. An education taught by good mentors. Behind every great woman or every great man there is always at least one good mentor who inspired him to challenge their limitations and to strive to reach their goals.

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