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In 2006, I found out that Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava offered expertise in holistic education, which meinscribi in the month of June, with the purpose of knowing in depth the holistic model of education and putting into practice everything that was within my reach, and I can say to date, it has been a wonderful experience that has allowed me in the first instanceLearn me more to myself in order to understand better the others, which I regard as an indispensable factor for understanding to those who surround me in general and in particular to my students. I’ve learned that the starting point for the transformation of education, isn’t so much the abundance of economic resources, or infrastructure, nor the standards of quality in the style of the factories, but, way essentially important: the transformation of the educator, who cannot be replaced by any resource, even for the high-tech information and communicationTherefore, is not capable of generating sense or meaning to learning experiences. With it, at best, developing some skills for the job can be achieved, and the work itself, does not represent the meaning of life, if the even is aware of the interdependence that exists between what we do and the necessary harmony for the survival of our species and the evolution of the Kosmos. The concepts of integrity and integration in education, acquired a new meaning for me since the first semester of the master. Prior to this, as a teacher, I saw as a foreign agent of the process, as someone who from outside stimulates student learning, as if I were sure what they should learn and interpret in the same way. I came to understand that I wasn’t outside, which was part of a community that learns, give me or not aware of this, and that such integration within that community, could only feel it if it did my own integration as an individual, i.

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