Spanish Grant Diploma

Also, you must write your chosen program of study, the name of the Spanish university where you'd like to get an education or to conduct research, training topic, on what specialty you want to learn, study area (if you drive it for that) and the duration of training. You also need to specify whether you are an extension of the grant. Your training program you compose yourself. It should include the topic of training, a letter in which you have to motivate their desire for what you need to be trained, level of education that you would like to obtain letters of recommendation (they should be two), technical and professional characteristics of the project. When choosing a university in which you would like to be trained, you should carefully consider the information about studied programs and theme of the instructors.

Then you'll have a huge advantage in the competition. Else you should be interested chosen University with his project. Let's move on. When you fill out the form on the site, You should print out offering you the documents, fill them in the mail sent to Spain to your chosen university representative who is responsible for the competitive selection of candidates for the grant. Of these documents you will have three. The first contains all the information that you have been presented on the site, the second confirms the absence of your fiscal obligations to Spain. And the third – is your application to your chosen university, indicating the faculty, course, program, and so on.

Do not forget to attach your documents legalized diploma. Legalize diploma can be the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Justice and the embassy. But it is quite expensive. The original of the same do not want to send. What should I do? You can send a copy of the diploma, translated into Spanish, after assuring her at the notary. It is necessary to explain that a copy be sent to (financial difficulties, lack of time, etc.). And with a positive response to your request, the Embassy of Spain still you ask for the original diploma. Therefore, to legalize a diploma will still have one, but it is possible after the passage of pre-election tour. If you win the competition, the Spanish embassy in your country will notify you when it is in writing and provide a list of documents required for obtaining a visa. What are the advantages of Spanish Grant? Their few. Firstly, fluent in Spanish do not need, and secondly, no additional test questions and interviews, but offered on the website there. Online allows you to protect yourself on the pile of papers. Information on this website allows you to choose a program to fill out forms, keep track of the selection procedure, see the rights and responsibilities of participants, as well as the fellows during their stay in Spain. If you want to a Spanish grant and are ready to begin preparing for competitive selection, then go for it, and remember that the chance to get a grant to study in Spain is at all, and everything depends on you.

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