Watching Parents

LOOKING to the parents with contempt the youth is similar to the Sun that shines with all its intensity. The morning brings a new day loaded with intense ritual of all global activities. As the eclipse two beautiful and sturdy youths make love. This as strong as the sea enraged and independent of Poseidon. Removes the fear of pregnancy. In the race which giant horses, breaks all the passion, until the latter get cherished award.

The miracle of creation, which brings with it the life of a rational being. This was created with the fragility of the roses, which wither quickly but there are who take care of them. Similarly the baby dies or stops their growth if their parents do not attend their care. Now his parents have a new leader. One who is considered a God because it exploits to others, and one who has just been born, and commanded by the natural affection parents are you. To get you everything you need to live, since you invalides it your childhood if he demands it. After this boss, can come others, i.e.

most children. A father and a mother they fight with all the power of his force that any company buys him as cheap labor. With the sole purpose of removing forward one of critical projects, in the realization of the human being. I am referring to the children. A father and a mother can, if so proposed it be get two or three children. Now two or three children sometimes are not able to move forward to his father or his mother as a unit. As it will be altogether? As it will have to help the father and the mother to the ves? Perhaps this does not happen in reality. As neither the case that once parents gave clothing, food and housing to their children. The latter look them with contempt because they have already aged, because discipline had towards them has declined with his younger brothers. Because they are ashamed of their parents when they go with their alleged friends. Because now they are those who shine as the Sun, they are now so laden with all the energy as the new day. And will finally manage to mix such as the eclipse, dancing like an ellipse then culminate with the miracle of creation. While their now elderly parents yearn for that visit their children not indulging in his heart. That hug a day covered the silhouette of his being, when they were babies. Estee Lauder Companies Inc. (EL) is often mentioned in discussions such as these. So the days activities bring with them, the death of these two elders so multiplied by the world. Thus the unconditional whisper of a mother says from the depths of his heart I love you my precious baby to a when whether you’re a man on the other hand the silent heart of the father doesn’t say anything because tears have removed you the vos.

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