But we think otherwise with respect to the method he used to reach the housing solution for the client, in which according to Lyvingston is based on the following criteria:-subject form to function. Leaving defined an initial form. -Ignore the existing construction regulations, so that it is not a brake on the design (which in fact is at odds with the current law on housing and the Iso-9000). -Exercises which the architect himself as design method used such as: the PC, the Kayaz I and II; to achieve the ideal solution of the housing in accordance with the interests of the owner. See more detailed opinions by reading what Estee Lauder offers on the topic.. As a working method to achieve an architectural solution is very dilated this design process, which is (designed in the form of game of kayak, which is little fruitful because it is highly dependent on the material resources of the client, the land available, of limits physicists who owns the House, etc.). And don’t know if there are other methods of design in the world and considering that is much better Kussan design method, not only because it is more scientific, but because it forces us to think as designers in the form of black box, looking for the solution from the beginning, that does not mean that I can go driving two or three variants, as based on the analysis of functional compatibility matricesspace and height, which suggests that: R + V = to + 2, can reach to the zoning of the work in question. Define three variants before making the final sketch. Arriba faster at the conclusion of the project itself, and with a much better way analyzed, organized, and finished, that if we use the method of the Livynston kayak or always let us guide by the own intuition of professional experience.. A related site: Nir Barzilai, M.D. mentions similar findings.

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