It is difficult to understand, that with the resources that have been handled in the last decade, education, health, safety, housing and other basic aspects, anden adrift as it is seen every day in the country. It is enough to read newspapers, listen to the radio and watch television, to observe as complaints and claims in this regard are the order of the day in the media.If part of the widespread understanding that the social, technological and economic development of emerging countries is based on the development of the knowledge society; that is, in scientific and technological knowledge that emanates from their performance. How can be so little visionary, for not understanding put an end to the academic and scientific infrastructure is one of the worst damage that can be done to a society?It ends with her, when they are forced to abandon the teaching, research and extension, for lack of adequate compensation to its preparation, dedication and contribution with the generations who will have the responsibility to lead the country in the coming years. Adds Navarro to your comment that society should be generally understood, after that academica-cientifica and professional capacity in the country has been destroyed, it cost us generations to replace them; Therefore, it is society itself, which must reject, oppose this treatment with our university educators and demand recognition of these professionals who are to which we, as parents, have the responsibility and the confidence of a College quality education for our children.Little will serve the country graduating people with low quality in their training; on the contrary, we need excellent professionals, they can learn scientific knowledge and generate and adapt technologies innovative, capable of helping us to successfully traverse the future of Venezuela.Sin however, for these men who have been prepared to do and teach, it requires that recognition of his merits and remunerated to them, so that they can live with decorumwill otherwise leave us other sources of jobs in the country, or would that be worse that they emigrate from Venezuela is very regrettable as it handles the University budget, depressing wages offered to university teachers, not according to the inflationary reality of the present, wage, which has significantly deteriorated the quality of life of the teacher, where it earns, even those of more category does not correspond to reality, to the high cost of living, many times in addition to the irresponsibility of makers of the administration of the budget do not send timely and more negative, to non-compliance and formality of payment of debts that have with regard to many teachers in relation to its performance.

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