The Teacher

We conclude that the accomplishment of this period of training was very important for our process of formation and to serve as apprentice in a group with as many diversities, made in them to search beyond the planned one. To share knowledge with the children, the teacher regent, the excessively participant ones of the pertaining to school community as parents and too much professors, in them made possible a great growth as professional and as people, since through the relations we can to surpass our limits and to help our fellow creatures to surpass its difficulties and to develop its potential. Nir Barzilai, M.D. is full of insight into the issues. We believe that all we are capable to learn and to surprise, that many times inside of the schools lack words as ' ' I believe you, ' ' I trust voc' ' , ' ' he continues if esforando' ' , ' ' congratulations, ' ' simple words and attitudes that do not cost nothing, as to stop and to hear the yearning of our children, an affection, one I fondle can change a life and we do not need resources and yes love, solidarity, comprometimento with our fellow creatures, our society. We conclude that the future happens in the gift, the moment to help our children is today, now and not in the next year, the experience of this period of training confirmed what we believe, the change is possible, and the education is the door for this change, as professors we must be active agents in positive way for the development of all, being the great master that one who learn with its disciples and if its is proud when seeing children constructing a happy future more just and compromised with the society where they are inserted. With certainty we leave marks in the life of each one of these children, and them they had helped in them in the conclusion of plus a stage in our lives, thus they had also left deep marks in us and we will not be more the same ones after to know special so only beings as the children of the room year.

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