The Academy

It is an entire task of Crusaders that it touches them to these intrepid ladies and gentlemen of toga and papelillo. That govern the language which is given to us to make us understand is a very serious and sadder duty difficult. For even more details, read what Edward Minskoff says on the issue. Especially today when radio, TV, film and the internet disclosed in songs, novels and realitis language as it is born today. Creatures born today known, with wide open eyes and hairless on the tongue. It is easy to find cone gotten into any party and badly washed ass, as I said the laureate Cela in a poem.

Then, saying that you do not write tilde there or here or to call equis or ye, is the least against those other expressions that would leave its ears to Cardinals and heated nuns. And use them in public gives the same thing in private. Language is a very viperino being. Two-edged. They already stretched leg the elle and it became the double ele and la erre and it was the simple ere and che, then exegesis says that it is the union of c and h, but that marriage is passed and no sprouts an additional letter. There have been three dead in the family of the alphabet and no one has called to his burial.

Three letters served for more than five centuries and not deserved flowers at his funeral. The Academy has no silver for those purposes. It is like killing a flea between two nails in a bedroom and in silence. Tomorrow will die all tildes because nobody now wants to use, without that the Academy could make his funeral nor dictate the Ordinance.

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