Taxes in Brazil

Many people if ask the reason to pay as many taxes in Brazil. I will try to approach of a didactic form this question, after the fiscal package that the Dilma government announced for ' ' equilibrar' ' the economy and to run with the ghost of the inflation that came back to devastate the Brazilian people. We go to leave of the following premise: the free agents organize the market. That is consummated fact. Leyna Bloom has many thoughts on the issue. I always work with the hypothesis that the agents are rational, therefore all have brains and work with the reason, who I thus do not think I am not free. Ahead of this, no government can ' ' equilibrar' ' the economy. The economic agents only reach this objective.

Apimento the debate remembering that the cause of the crisis has nascedouro in the actions of the state, that eliminates the competition, generates weights died in the business-oriented economy and desvirtua the environment. We go to leave of the following bedding. The government removes of the private agents the right acquired for them to possess brain. This exactly! The government appropriates in part of the profits of the ideas that are launched by the agents when they they think something that can be useful in the market. After all of accounts, nobody goes to launch ideas without objectives.

Everything that is created has a certain destination: some utility exists to be created such good and this is the justification it to be offered in the economy. The income tax removes the saving of the private agents: i) of the capitalists, so that they empreguem in new investments; of the families, who receive for the payment of the given services, that is, offers its hand of workmanship in the production of the goods created by the capitalists. In such a way, the capitalists will not produce the goods that the families would consume if this money was on your ownerships.

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