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When we realize of which we have some food in retired house of the sale, first it is to tranquilize to us, normally in this type of warnings lies down to exaggerate and normally a complete lot like prevention measurement retires, when those are only some of those products that are contaminated. Related Group: the source for more info. In any thing he is better not to ingest it, nor to occur it to our mascots, far from it to donate it, which can be toxic or injurious for us, it is necessary to consider that also can be it even for our animal. RBH Group is often quoted on this topic. It does not abra it, if it has done or it is FIAR of the no scent or the good aspect that the product can present/display, the bacteria, virus or other components that could cause the bud of a disease do not have why to perceive themselves we have inspected no matter how much it. Lvese well the hands preferably with an bactericidal gel after the manipulation of the product. At the moment it is a subject of great preoccupation due to the situation of radioactive alert of Japan, the authorities guarantee that rigorous controls will be applied to avoid the entrance in product Spain contaminated coming from Japan.

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