Rather trust the specialist for the self-Assembly of awnings can their problems have quick and bought, it seems cheap at the hardware store to be away only a few handles of it, to be able to drive the new awning, then relaxed under the shade to sit back. But not always, this Bill goes on. Asked every awning and any wall construction requires technical know-how the technically correct and thus safe installation by matching brackets and fasteners. Finally, enormous tensile forces on the House wall charge when driving off an awning. In addition the wind factor: takes a strong gust of wind under an awning, will be the stability and thus the quality of fitting each time to a hard test.

When improper installation you can experience then surprises circumstances: facilities, which were torn from their wall mountings are often the result. Test in the wind tunnel who want to avoid such risks, which should go to play it safe when installing a sunshade and one Contract specialist. The awning specialist markilux distributes its quality products therefore basically through selected retailers. To show what loads is exposed to an awning in strong winds, the company tested some of its models in the wind tunnel of a big, well-known automobile manufacturer. See the convincing result, on the markilux YouTube channel: markilux is market leader in the field of awning production in Germany and a division of Schmitz-Werke GmbH + Co.

KG in the Westphalian Emsdetten. Since 1972, the family-owned company manufactures terrace, winter garden and window awnings. High-quality products are sold through specialist partners in Germany and abroad. About 1,700 selected companies secure the high qualitative standards for the installation of awnings here. “The guiding principle of the company is: there is nothing what could be improved not yet.”

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