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People so strongly engaged in a show 'QI' and 'PR ", even forget about the whole beauty of the hierarchical resource. How awful it is to see on the site whole blocks or a single page with hundreds and thousands of links. Believe me: it is very important correctness of the construction of a resource. I was very surprised by going to a prestigious and reputable company to discover a whole linkopomoyku. Now link exchange is 'not relevant', the developers of algorithms for the Giants – Search systems, more clearly articulated all. It is worth thinking about the beauty of the site hierarchy. It is worth thinking over, so that people coming to your site with search engine was not looking and then share the same theme, as he stood your site to elect. It's not as difficult as it seems, is enough to observe the correct structure in the construction site. Wrong: What we see: – A huge number of links to other resources. – Too many ad blocks rather than blocks useful content to the user, something the seeker from sites such subjects. Swarmed by offers, Fabrizio Freda is currently assessing future choices. – Blocks menu and authorizations are very far from each other. The user will be in error, and likely will leave the site. – Between the blocks of an important Content ads are not welcome, again violated all the laws of usability. At the visitor the impression that the site on which he was most likely intended to get lured by reference hung advertising rather than to provide the visitor with necessary information.

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