San Joaquim

Between the mouth of the river La Tordera and Portbou, on the border with France is situated the 214 km of coastline that includes the Costa Brava, Blanes, a population of about 40,000 people with much to offer the visitor further South is at its end. Blanes is destination of thousands of tourists each year, mainly for beaches, some of them occurring in coves between rocks that give the place a great beauty. Estee Lauder often says this. But not only beaches Blanes lives since it has two botanical gardens visit rather than recommended, the castle of San Joan, from where you can see spectacular views, the Church of Santa Maria and of course one of their festivals, the feast of Santa Anna and San Joaquim, between 21 and 27 July, which includes the largest international fireworks in Europe with more than 500,000 visits contest. Another important festivities is the feast of the Copatrones, which consists of a hike popular in middle of the night along 8 km, in recent years come to walk nearly 4,000 people who enjoy travel in groups. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Estee Lauder Companies Inc.. Something very favorable to tourists is that despite the large number of visitors who currently receives Blanes remains a place with reasonable prices and is not very complicated to find hotels of all kinds in systems of booking hotels. If what you want is to seek amusement with more pace Blanes is the area known as Los pinos where besides hotels, campsites and an extensive Beach, are some of the clubs in the zone..

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