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Especially younger German workers can turn off even in vacation getting worse and never miss an important recovery finally vacation! So begins the really most beautiful time of year for many. But the desired recovery still out for professionals often. Stress and anger are often everyday life in the workplace. That is why, yes the longed-for vacation is so important. Still 18 percent can not properly turn off which between 30 and 44 years old workers during the holidays. This was the result of a representative survey of the opinion Research Institute Forsa. In plain text, this means that almost every fifth can not turn off the job.

What impact does this have? The DAK health insurance was commissioned the study conducted by the Forsa. As evaluation, the psychologist of Frank Meiners explained just for people aged 30 to 44 years the professional challenge is particularly large. No matter whether worries about the job or simply prevent the permanent reachability by the off the shelf mobile longed for rest in the holiday. Of course that can cause significant health problems. After MAGO, it was dangerous to work on the own career during the holiday. Instead of constantly at hand to have mobile phones, the batteries should be recharged better.” In particular the impact of constant availability have been examined already.

So for example the iga has (health initiative and work) in the report effects of constant availability and > prevention opportunities; Overview of the State of science and recommendations for a good approach in practice”scientific studies, expert interviews and a survey of companies grouped together. As is evident from the report more and more blurred the boundaries between work and leisure. Steeped in the leg the relaxation times of workers and make it difficult to plan activities. Possible reasons for this development a growing work summarization, the acceleration of working life, as well as an increasing internationalization of the economy led by the experts. In particular meet it executives, sales representatives and IT professionals. Citing the iga report gave the DGUV (German statutory accident insurance), vdek (Association of compensation funds), the AOK-BV (AOK – Bundesverband) and the BKK DV (BKK (umbrella organisation) recommendations to employers. To be constantly accessible to overload many employees. Therefore, companies should establish clear rules for dealing with mobile phones and computers. Of course, the work is not the only trigger for stress. Problems in the family or with friends can also a holiday break ‘ do. But, nevertheless, are the results of the Forsa poll for the DAK holiday report 2013 but alarming. “” “Also interesting: Sun and nature” is ahead of time with the family “and time for yourself” the most important factor of recovery during the holidays for the Germans. Only in fourth place was the Elimination of workload”called. The contribution of “especially younger German workers can turn off even in vacation getting worse and miss the important Recreation”has dealt previously with the information, which are the present press release basis. First published this article on the health portal.

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