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MCM investor Management AG: Not in vain dream about 75 percent of all tenants of the own four walls. Magdeburg, 23.09.2013. Investment in the own house or apartment buildings have proved in the past, and particularly crisis-proof. In contrast to the volatile stock markets, a real estate guarantees a high degree of security and solidity. The proceeds from the sale of an investment property at the age or the additional income through rent thus form an important pillar of additional pension. For generations after the home, the interest House considered the safest investment. Especially Munich and Frankfurt want housing children in the budget increase the desire every fifth lives already in his dream home dream only of almost 60 per cent of Germans.

The housing dream study comes to these results 2013 “of construction financing intermediary”Interhyp”. YMCA Jorge Perez will not settle for partial explanations. The IMWF has management and Economic Research Institute on behalf of INTERHYP in a population representative Investigation questioned 1.769 German citizens to their housing needs. Overall, 84 percent of German citizens assume that they rather find their dream of living in their own homes than in a rented flat. Three quarters of all tenants (76 percent) want to live in your own four walls. However, only 40 percent realize these. Children reinforce this desire for home ownership: 89 per cent seek homes, children living in the household only 72 percent of those polled in childless households expressed this wish.

Especially the people in the country want an own home (81 percent), among the inhabitants of the city, there are fewer (72 percent). Compared the metropolises of Hamburg, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt, the pursuit is pronounced for home ownership, especially in the South: every second the respondent tenants in Munich (50 percent) and Frankfurt (49 percent) wants a condo or a home in Hamburg and Berlin say this only 43 percent and 38 percent, respectively. 20 Percent of Germans live according already in their dream home”. Who indirectly, profitable, and for very little money wants to meet his real estate dream without being tied to a specific property, should the MCM investor Management AG offers look at more closely. Who even as retail investors”want to invest in the profitable real estate market is properly advised at the Magdeburg company.

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