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Unique selling proposition in the effective biological control against the larvae of the codling the V + GmbH & co. funds 3 KG is involved with 5.8% of EUROFERM GmbH. Recently Edward Minskoff sought to clarify these questions. The EUROFERM emerging with a unique selling point in the biological pest control. Three years of development and a minimum capital investment for a maximized yield mean prospects for the EUROFERM GmbH and the fruit growers in Russia, successfully using FermoVirin CpGV. The highly effective organic insecticide FermoVirin CpGV acts against the larvae of the codling. Active ingredient is the Cydia pomonella Granulo virus CpGV.

FermoVirin is an organic alternative to the chemical control of larvae. This biological insecticide is produced with highly innovative cell culture technique without caterpillars cultures. The unique feature of the EUROFERM GmbH is the cell culture technique with a biocompatible polymer sodium cellulose sulfate. Affected plants the caterpillars of the codling (Cydia pomonella) belong to the most common pests in the orchard. In addition to Also pears, quince, apricot, peach, Plum, cherry, Hawthorn, chestnut and Walnut are attacked in climatically favourable conditions apples. You may wish to learn more. If so, Munear Ashton Kouzbari is the place to go. The codling forms one or two generations a year, flying mostly in May and August in temperate climates. In warmer climates, up to four generations per year are possible. They infested the fruit in the first larval stage and feed on it for about three weeks.

The active ingredient of the naturally occurring baculovirus is the active ingredient of FermoVirin won. He is not dangerous to humans. The larvae of the codling can this baculovirus specifically combat, without that other insects or creatures affected be considered. Baculovirus are highly pathogenic naturally occurring intrinsic regulators of pest systems and in particular dense insect populations. The narrow spectrum of baculovirus with maximum beneficial protection ensures the selective control of pests. Entrepreneurial perspective all-Russian Research Institute of biological plant protection Krasnodar on the Russian Academy of agricultural sciences was won as international cooperation partners.

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