Recognizing Mistakes

Recognition. Recognition of what is – or sometimes the most difficult and exciting step in life. Sometimes people are trying for decades to admit to themselves their mistakes, their complexes. Ron Beit has compatible beliefs. But one of the confessions of exciting life is a declaration of love that man says a woman and woman man. Some people can not utter for years and a few words svom lover. It happens that people are well-known, self-confident, took place in his work, can not talk about their feelings, confess their love. I know one girl, she – well-known journalist, and every evening we see it at the TV screen and it seems that she is so self-confident, she easily handles the microphone.

It seems that for her to confess her feelings have no difficulty, because it is so beautifully said. But in reality it for many years like a man, she is suffering, but can not dare to talk to him, to confess her love for him. … And it may also loves her but can not say first, he waits until she opens it, but it can not. It can not just pick up the words to express their feelings, and so they will have to wait five, maybe ten years … and then their lives will change, they will find a new favorite, but the secret love will live forever in their hearts … It is difficult to admit their mistakes, they were wrong.

And even more difficult to ask for forgiveness. I've always wondered why sometimes it is so hard to say a simple phrase: "Sorry, I was wrong." People are carrying their sins, and yet you just have to say a few words … and everything changes. Author Kutyrkina Elena.

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