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Of course in sculpture or in some graphic works, where the image can be one color, only the tonal relationships of objects or their parts. In these areas the fine arts section of color composition can be omitted. It is for this the reason why we consider the composition of works of art. Let's start with a geometrical construction. The first thing to say that it is very important in the construction of the composition to take into account how the various geometric shapes have a different impact on a person. With the help of geometry, you can specify a certain rhythm in the perception of a song or vice versa to make static image. With it you can ask the audience certain 'way view' of the work or conversely to cause discomfort.

You can call the viewer with the flow of emotions, excite the imagination and create a calm and serenity in his soul. So for example if a long time regarded drawn on a sheet of paper an equilateral triangle, then after a while a man will emerge a kind of anxiety. This is due to the fact that every corner of the visually sets the direction of gaze, viewer subconsciously directs gaze in that direction and angle the sharper the angle, the stronger it makes us look in his direction. This phenomenon can be called 'index effect', that's why all the pointers direction, as a rule, are always accompanied by an arrow at the end of which an acute angle.

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