Physical Education

The use of diagnostic aids in educating and development of a healthy preschooler. At the beginning of the school year is collecting information on the health of each child, the presence of a pathology, physical, social, intellectual and emotional capacities. Edward J. Minskoff Equities is open to suggestions. Based on the violations and deviations, develop individual remedial scheme and recreational activities on the basis of which is held daily work of teachers and parents to form habits in children healthy lifestyle. rce of information. For such work in pre-school established in a homely and comfortable environment and a favorable microclimate. Physical training classes carry a "recreational dose" in the form of physical activity.

In the week of scheduled physical education class three. Instructor of Physical Education, in conjunction with the tutor – holds two sessions in the hall, the third class teachers spend in the form of moving games during a walk in the fresh air. Morning exercises aimed at improving and strengthening, improving the functional level of body systems, the development of physical qualities and abilities of children, strengthening motor skills. At the beginning of charging caregivers spend game-massages, finger gymnastics with words that help the development of speech and hand movements. After the exercises the children wash their face and hands, which is the tempering procedures, and the teachers often Folk Tales and use of nursery rhymes, so by not only raise interest in the water procedures, but also develop language and memory in children. Walks are held twice a day, afternoon and evening. In the process of moving games during the walks, is the improvement of dialogic and monologic speech, intonation, and expression of motility, the ability to hold a conversation, answer questions, use the simplest types of compound and complex sentences.

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