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Patronage in Russia Russian Orthodox club patrons – an elite club that brings together representatives from various business sectors. All of them are not only business partners but also friends – supporters, patrons, understood, and accepted that the only true and most powerful defense, which gives self-confidence, spiritual peace and hope for the future – it is a sincere belief in God, the desire to live the commandments of Christ and love one's neighbor. Exactly sincere faith brings harmony to our lives, making it a joyful and meaningful. Our club was founded in November 2003. At the outset of our association and the official registration we received the blessing of the seven clergy of the Russian Orthodox Church – Church of the Assumption of the Dean district of Moscow Archpriest Stephen Priest, Rector of St.

Nicholas Seminary Perervinskoy archpriest Vladimir Chuvikina and other pastors. The oldest of them – Dmitry Skutsky, during the life archpriest emeritus of the church, "Protection of the Blessed Virgin Mary" in the village Voskresenka, Stupino, Moscow Region. My father lived a long and glorious life, 99 years he measured the Lord. "Sagacious old man" called the father of Demetrius, and went up to him not only the local parishioners, but also with the entire Orthodox Mother Russia. The priest saw the man as if through, and if it did not cross (even under shirt and a sweater!) – Father called attention to it.

Since its inception to the present day club was working hard on restoration, rehabilitation and construction of temples of the Russian Orthodox Church, as well as providing assistance to the needy citizens of Russia, orphanages, asylums. Our mission is much wider than a charity providing financial assistance for the reconstruction of Orthodox holy sites. We believe no less important task Orthodox education, the introduction of Christian norms and rules in business. The project "Your Chapel." We are reviving the tradition of low-budget construction of the Temples-hours. Project is unique in that Church-Chapel, differs from simple chapels bezaltarnyh that has a special annexe apse, in which the altar is located. This allows the priest to serve Vigil, Liturgy and Sacraments. Appearing next to the house, a temple not only saves time parishioners and provides a real opportunity to attend the liturgy, it is an unseen force protects and harmonizes the space around them. The project is "God's Gift." It is difficult The importance of the problem of protecting our children. No big words, we all really know that children – the future of any country, it's safety. And correct, especially moral education – is his spiritual Safety First! Currently, the project was headed by distinguished composer of Russia, member of the Composers' Union Grigory Gladkov. By the way, the number of published CDs with songs for children, Grigory Gladkov included in the book Guinness World Records. Club members say their most important duty to contribute to the construction of the Great Russian state, not only strong economic potential but also the spiritual and moral foundations. These foundations and is the richness of our country. On the stand and STAND WILL! Based on materials from the site RKPM – philanthropy and charity

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