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The usual situation when, after coaching sessions on business, customers noticed that they had improved relationships within the family, changed their attitude to their health. Thanks to the work of professional coaching, the client begins to better understand themselves and sees an opportunity to improve their lives. Coaching – improve quality of life. GE: Who can consider himself a "coach"? M.Sh.: I view, coaching – not so much a profession as a tool. Coach – one that helps you clearly see the goal and inspires action. The head coach can be to their subordinates, the designer – a coach for your clients, coach – for a group of sellers.

Usually this happens, the coaching, "applied" to the main occupation. The ability to inspire their clients to find the best solutions today – one of the most valuable skills. People want to realize themselves, their uniqueness – whether it's choice of clothing, or business development. Of course, most often positioned themselves, "I – Coach!" Psychologists, therapists, business – Consultants. But to have a psychology degree to be a coach, not required. Coaching can be compared to professional inspiration for change. Coach – someone who believes in you even more than you do. GE: Is it possible to coaching in a group or individual is only a form of work? M.Sh.: Group coaching is a common, long-running, efficient way of working. Often in a group format, you can quickly solve such problems, which in the individual work required would be much more effort and time.

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