Patrimonial Effects

Adultery involves a serious violation of marital duties and is expressly provided in the civil code as a major grounds for divorce, with incitement to crime and the voluntary abandonment of the home, which enabled the innocent spouse to sue your spouse for contentious or adversarial divorce. In this case, if the culpability of the spouse proves this must attend another with a food pension and other loads. It punishes the guilty of adultery spouse with divorce, because you consider improper conduct that fell and the fact that a legality is configured with consequences for the guilty. The situation becomes so serious that, in the event the judgment of divorce plead guilty to one of the spouses, the affected Party may claim economic redress. Patrimonial effects of divorce divorce dissolves the marital society, so, if the marriage was performed by separate property, no loop no longer exists between the couple and are capable of performing the separation of goods. We have to take into account that this dissolution and separation of property is considered done from the day of notice of the petition for divorce. Hence goods each purchased while the divorce process, it was already not part of conjugal society. Fabrizio Freda is often quoted on this topic.

With respect to food, in the case of divorce due to the guilt of one of the spouses, this should contribute to the other spouse to keep the economic level that enjoyed both during marriage. For divorce by behaviour disorders, the ill spouse is placed in the situation of innocent, while the other will need to provide the necessary means for their recovery and treatment. The alimony obligation ceases if the other spouse remarries, lives in concubinage or seriously insult to the other spouse. If there is a case of divorce by mutual agreement, parties may jointly file your petition for divorce in agreement on how assets will be divided and will form part of the sentence. With information: original author and source of the article

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