Consumer Protection Framework For The Protection Of Human Rights

Consumer protection is one of the areas of human rights protection. The consumer – is the main protagonist of the consumer market, since it was he who puts their investment by producers purchase goods or services. Thus, we can say that the consumer is the conductor of ensuring national interests and development of the economic policies of the state. The state on its part guarantees the rights of the consumer, which is reflected in the Constitution and the Law “On Protection of Consumer Rights. (A valuable related resource: Edward Minskoff). Yet not all consumers are aware of their rights and, moreover, realize them in practice. Do you know that you can refuse to pay for poor service? And did you know that you are not obligated to pay you a broken or damaged goods in the supermarket?

And what is particularly important to remember, is the fact that any goods purchased in the store refundable and exchange despite the existing store in the inscriptions of the opposite persuasion. Universally considered the following consumer rights: the right to basic needs, ie the consumer has the right to receive basic goods and services which ensure survival, the right to security, ie the consumer has the right to protection from goods and services that represent a danger to his life and health, right to protection, ie consumer is entitled to protection if the choice of goods and services was made by him under the influence of false or misleading information, the right to choose, ie, consumer should have a choice of different products and services offered by competitive prices, right to expression of interest, ie the consumer has the right to have his proposals were taken into account the authorities responsible for public policy, the right to compensation, ie, the consumer has right to the satisfaction of their legitimate claims by obtaining, including professional help, the right to consumer education, ie consumer is entitled to special knowledge that will help him defend his consumer rights, the right to a healthy environment.

If your rights are violated, and the party that provided poor service or sells products improper weight or quality rejects meet your just demands, needs intervention of courts. Unfortunately, experience shows that consumers are hardly used. their right to petition the court for compensation for violation of their rights. This is explained by the need to fill the huge number of papers, as well as time consuming. Attorneys and Lawyers working in our law firm to give you a practical and methodological assistance made by the representative of your interests in court. We are ready to provide you with legal advice in the field of consumer protection, to assist in the preparation of appeals to the unscrupulous sellers or claims in court..

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