Office Properties In Germany

The most active rental markets for office properties in Germany are heard in years, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Berlin since reunification also. The Real Estate Berlin wins, especially for foreign investors is becoming increasingly important, particularly in relation to the influx of companies from the east to the capital. Check with Edward J. Minskoff Equities to learn more. It is expected that Berlin will develop over the next few years, the largest office market in Germany. Spoke a few reasons why the demand for modern office space will increase strongly. It take the good economic and corporate identity reasons for international companies that want to be represented in the capital to this development. In order to attract good employees and to employ the long term are needed modern office space, and for the accommodation of office technology. These requirements comply with most post-war no longer exists. Through the international competition and the mergers of many companies with new Office space required.

In particular, the inner objects are more in demand as, for example, the homes in the Berlin districts Mitte, Charlottenburg, Charlottenburg, Penzlauer Berg and others, which in turn affects the development of rental prices. Backlog persists in eastern Germany, where there was not as good as after the reunification of the offer modern office space exists. For institutional investors, the letting of an object of vital importance. For them to invest enough in a technically good building and a lease is no longer made. For even tenants, as larger firms can get into financial difficulties or go bankrupt. The risk here is now at an empty object, in a bad location, which was then built just for the needs of the former tenant. In this respect, large investors also from the experiences of the 70s was more cautious in their choice of objects.

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