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WKPM sets new standards in the area of education map one of the main criticisms of the previous procedure in the education and participation package is the enormous bureaucratic expense. Also, it is questionable for many municipalities, whether an island solution, only for the education package is useful, as are many more services, the welfare offices and job centers, but also other communal services, also a significant effort in the administration. The education map of the WKPM (Werkstadt for land use and project management) shows many applications via the education and participation package. The education map in the foreground should be first and foremost. Simplified submission (paperless), discriminatory application, interdisciplinary solutions in the entire social sphere and highest security standards on data protection and transparency, form the main points of the education map. Due to the currently best possible technology, a municipality can keep the multiple use in the focus. Whether education card, social pass, public transport ticket or as Citizen card can to municipal processes will complement the solution of WKPM and make a contribution to the community-based management. The integration of the local economy includes an interesting approach to the introduction of cost-reducing.

This taking into account the budgetary situation. Latest development is the integration of the new electronic disability card with integrated parking ticket. The involvement in communal settlement systems is easy and without expensive software.

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