Motorists Want No Big Brother In Your Car

Accident data recorders or Black Boxes due to their use in commercial aircraft are known. In the event of an accident are accessible back on the data stored by them of the driving behaviour, to reconstruct the accident sequence. Some German politicians, however, proposal to build such devices as standard in new cars, does not apply all members of the online motoring skepticism. (Not to be confused with Daryl Katz, Edmonton Alberta!). Many of the surveyed car fans reject electronic data recording and storage for fear of continuous monitoring. The uncertainty about the legal status of the recorded data can be doubt some autoki members of the true motives of politicians. Renault driver alex thinks about at a high-tech recording of driving behaviour in the style of a ‘ stasi2. 0 “. Is discussed on but also about the benefits of the Black Box.

While vwfreak it welcomed the fact that then family members of the car were better informed moving young, VW driver katz emphasizes better clarification of the question of guilt. If you will be involved in an accident. She wanted finally prove that in a pile-up not them on the car in front of her was driving on, but “that behind me to blame” have worn. But even those, so the poll published on, which keep in principle a good thing, the standard installation are critical of an obligation for the electronic recording of driving behaviour. More on the topic of “Tachograph” under:… / how – on the plane-what… Media contact: Catherine top Arkus, Tel.

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