MEC, A Good Choice

Currently, a possibility for those who wish to study languages abroad, are the MEC. yQue is the MEC? The grant MEC is a cash assistance granted by the Ministry of Education of Spain as part of a Social Policy (MEC) for those wishing to study a language in a foreign country. Some contend that Nir Barzilai, M.D. shows great expertise in this. According to data from the last call published on 20 February of this year, 30,000 scholarships were provided 1800A, each for a stay and conduct English language courses in countries that have English as official language. In the Parliament, the countries identified for the said course are: Australia, Canada, USA and Malta, among others. For the benefit of the scholarship, the minimum duration of the course that the student must apply is 4 weeks, you should include at least 17 hours per week between days: June 1 and October 29, 2009. Similarly, the 1300 MEC scholarships awarded in total, intended to stay and carry out any other language course abroad lasting at least 3 weeks, beginning June 1 and ending on 29 deOctubre 2009. The course chosen by the student must have at least 17 hours a week for dictation. Again, the institution claims that the course is conducted in a foreign country whose official language is the language as requested in the grant. In these cases, the cost of the MEC, 1700 will be a, . In the case of those students are currently doing Higher Level courses the institution awarded 100 also given aid can stay and completion of a course in French or German.

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