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The location of IVIDA in Madrid laboratory and the absence of intermediaries allows processing of umbilical cord blood in less than 24 hours and obtain more stem cells getting better quality of the sample. Since January 2010, close to 1,000 families crioconservado have their babies in IVIDA umbilical cord blood. The majority of couples who hire service are in the age range of between 32-38 years old, boast an average socio-cultural and economic level and reside in large capitals Madrid, 17 November 10-knowing the importance which have stem cells in the treatment and cure of certain diseases, the IVI group has launched a Bank of Umbilical cord blood in Madrid called IVIDA, which belongs to the largest European Group of reproductive medicine. It is the only Center that has control of the entire process without the need for recruit another foreign bank, this allows you to process the sample in less than 24 hours and increase as a result of the same quality, getting more stem cells. Alfonso Sanchez Corcoles, managing director of IVIDA, comments from the families began to rely on us at the beginning of 2010, already are close to 1,000 which have decided to cryopreserve the umbilical cord of their babies in our Bank. With regard to the profile of couples, this expert explains it is between 32 and 38 years, parents with a socio-cultural level and economic means and who reside in large capitals. This Bank was created with the purpose of offering an integral service of processing and preservation of stem cells which, due to their characteristics and therapeutic applications demonstrated, might pose in the future life insurance of the newborn until the year 2003, Spanish parents only did have the option of preserving the blood of umbilical cord in public banks. In Spain, legislation determines that all cord stored in Spanish territory is for public use.

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