Likelihood Temperature

Naturally temperature maintenance during this time should be higher: approximately 20 degrees. In the urban apartment these conditions can be achieved by placing the plants in glazed and insulated balcony. Estee Lauders opinions are not widely known. If it does not exist, the plants are placed on the window sill closer to the window frame (where cooler). It is desirable to insulate plants from the warm room air baffle (Plexiglas or plastic film). Providing plants a cool winter, summer, you'll get plenty of blooms your plants provided that they have reached the appropriate age. With the coming of spring, the number of sunny days, the temperature rises, and the plants wake up – during the growing season begins.

During this period there risk of sunburn plants. Therefore, at this time is desirable plants pritenyat from sunlight by using tracing paper, gauze, tulle or strips of paper. Period of adaptation of plants for the spring sun, and accordingly the need for shading is usually 3 weeks. If plants are wintered in gazebo or a bright and sunny window, and during the winter sunlight received, then such plants usually do not require shading. Watering plants is desirable to begin when the plant had awakened and started to rise. This is evident in how the plant crown (growing point) turned green, and there was an increase of young spines on top of a cactus. In this case, you can start watering, when the night temperature in the place of collection will not fall below 15 degrees for several days. The first watering should be carried out in the morning that during the day most of the moisture absorbed plant, and surplus partially evaporated, and the nights when the temperature drops, the soil will be minimal amount of moisture that will reduce the likelihood of root rot.

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