Islamic Governments

It is said that they were more tolerant than the Catholics and allowed to practice their faith in freedom to those who lived in its conquered territories. But that is medieval history. Islam today is the intolerance and the death cult. Why this change? To Wahhabism, an archaic, closed exegesis of the Qur’an, which is not a book of spiritual elevation, but of war and hatred, written by an individual who always walked with the sword in hand, as adequately described Muhammad, Benedicto XVI, in his controversial message that generated protests and acts of vandalism in the Islamic world. Scary modern Islamic Warrior originated in Wahhabism, which proclaims a way of life similar to that practised by Muhammad.

It began at the end of the 19th century in Saudi Arabia and the draws the Muslim Brotherhood, the organization from which derive all Sunni terrorist groups. Wahhabism is the mainstream of radical islam, and is spread mainly by the saudi Royal family, which invests huge sums in the construction of mosques around the world to catechize the faithful to join the Jihad. Its goal is to impose Islam as the true religion. Wahhabism instilled through the insidious Koranic interpretations of magnets, disseminated through school textbooks, and encouraged by Islamic Governments, is responsible for the wild behavior of Muslims today. With Islam peaceful coexistence, may not exist while their convictions are oppressed to this extremist line.

Islam is the third inherited totalitarian trend of the 20th century along with Nazism and communism, but have a big difference with the other two: Islam is not only a tyrannical thought, is a religion. People such as Gavin Baker would likely agree. National socialism and communism are human conceptions which are subject to be discussed.

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