John Gray

In a way, this type of training may have been as bad as those who have parents who argue all the time. Disagreements are a natural byproduct of relations. It is virtually impossible that two people come together and create a life without some of their ideals, values, opinions or activities of day to day, and that does not come into conflict with each other. The unknown factor is how the couple handled this conflict. There are many things to consider when referring to couples and their challenges and areas for growth and development. The first is compatibility. I know that there is an expression that says that opposites attract and think there are some precision in that statement when you think of attraction to chemical interaction that occurs when two people know and they are attracted.

This chemical attraction, nothing matters the values of the other person, what is important for him or her, the characteristics of the personality in question, or you like to do in your free time. Compatibility is an essential factor for a successful and healthy relationship. You can perform the next exercise in the page that this here and take the free assessment to determine compatibility with your partner, you will at least know the kind of person you are looking for. (A valuable related resource: Edward J. Minskoff Equities). Go to the a second consideration is, simply, understand that there are large differences in how men are in a relationship, in comparison to how are women within it. In general, women don’t understand men, because they do not behave like women and similarly, men don’t understand women because they do not behave like men. And since a woman has never been a man and a man he has never been a woman, how will each to learn about these important differences? John Gray researched and wrote about these issues in his book men are from Mars, women are from Venus.

But I would say the majority of people even in couples, or with some kind of relationship, do not take the time to learn about these gender differences. It is easier to point the finger and blame the other person for his irrational behavior. As mentioned previously, a third area of growth is learning how to handle conflicts. There are proven methods to resolve conflicts that we do not learn at school or a book. There are ways to actually hear each other in relationships. When you place the first relationship in importance, these methods can be implemented by couples to greatly improve their satisfaction. There is so much to learn about successful relationships that never nobody you showed. Please don’t become one of the couples that divorce statistics make reference or worse yet, do not stay in an unhappy relationship, only to meet your matrimonial consent at the same time that you regret your life. Take charge and take control of your life. Learn some new ways to improve the relationship in which you find yourself and if not what These begin to prepare you to become a better partner for the next person in your life.

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