Illuminate Your Home

Light, as they say, is an important factor contributing to our overall health. Using the correct lighting in your home can make a big difference in your life that can give more energy during the day. In Depending on where you live and how your home is located relative to the sun, we get different amounts of light into our homes. If you have a few windows, or your house / apartment is located in such a way where there is no supply of natural light, in this case is very important to think about how to properly place the lamp in your home. For example: if you have a low ceiling, do not hang pendants (suspension), instead use any other type of lamp. Use low-energy light bulbs, so you save energy and lighting in your home. Place a lamp, depending on the shape of your home.

Light the darker parts and corners, and also the part where you spend most of his time. Installation of dimmers is an excellent choice, this way you can adjust the light as you want, depending on the hours of the day. Psychologists say that the autumn-winter at times when the sun hides behind the clouds, the light in the apartment should be as much. So if you live in a country with long winters, the light is even more important. In this case, buy an extra lamp during these periods. What better bulb lamp lamps (usual Zhovten’ka) increases the sharpness of the color, acts as a candle light.

Remember that from such bulbs warm tones in your apartment will become even warmer. But the cold will look worse – not only that ugly, so still and pale. Halogen bulb also reduces the effects of cold tones, acting as the bulb. Fluorescent lamp is mainly suitable for offices and large rooms. That is for sites that require good lighting. Contrary, it enhances the feeling of cold from the cold and cool tones warm tone. Fluorescent light with a bluish light makes green and blue colors more vivid, but red, orange and yellow hues fade in this light.

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